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Thank you!

There were two major start-over from ground zero points in my life in the past two decades, the most recent being in 2017. Even though, it was my practice to get through challenges on my own, I swallowed my pride and reached out for help to get back on track after the major derailment.

All of  these people contributed  over the year in different way. My Mom, brother, and  Ms. Parker with financial support in the form of small loans to assist while I completed my unpaid internship in music therapy. My Aunt Dolcie helped with the cost of the music therapy board exam. My Dad shared his office allowing me to have a place to sleep, and dearest, Josephine provided emotional support, encouragement and more.

I appreciate you all which I've told you privately and now it's your moment to be acknowledged publicly since I don't  foresee myself accepting a Grammy in the years ahead! 

Thank you for being there for me. Your kindness will not be forgotten.



Thank you to my other family, my friends and anyone else who attended my shows, live or online.

I appreciate you. 

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