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From a very young age, I was drawn to music, as many children are naturally.


As a toddler, I remember distinctly plunking and sometimes banging my whole little hand on a toy piano, that looked like a very small upright.

Between my brother and I, we had a lot of fun creating sounds on that clearly out but strangely "in" relative tune instrument which was almost like a music box.

We had a good go with that little toy piano but I didn't lose real interest in it until after seeing an entertainer, Liberace on television.


My young ears instantly heard the awesomeness of the sound his big piano was making as he played, better than my little toy piano and said to my Mom, that I wanted to play like that!

After they asked if I was sure, my parents enrolled me for lessons and I started primary school and piano the same year.


Where verbal expression of my thoughts and feelings did not readily find an outlet, I discovered ways to do this through singing, playing instruments, writing from my first diary to other forms, and I loved to draw and paint. Music was always an active way to connect to my emotional self and also to other people.

Learning to read music from piano and in elementary school, definitely was like learning a language and it helped with navigating songs notated in books. The drawback over time learning this way is that the process engaged so much of the intellect that it did impede my ability to fully embody my natural musicality. This sometimes caused confusion and self-doubt in one's abilities and that was difficult at times. 

It's wonderful to discover through leaning deeply into where we started, that each of us was created with our own imprint, included sound which can identified in the speaking and singing voice. Unique, as the perfect singularity of each snowflake, pure and beautiful.


Our authentic human nature can be revealed and embraced through creating music and it is what kept me exploring sound from childhood to this day.

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My toy piano1998_at my childhood house.jpg
The toy piano, still standing (behind the horse),  for the second generation to enjoy! Halifax,1998
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