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December 9, 2023

JMS Big Band Holiday Concert

James Shaw, Director

Karlene Marie, vocals

2535 Robie Street, Church Sanctuary

Halifax, NS

2:30 pm

October 14, 2023

Celebration of Life 

Karlene Marie, soprano

St, Peter's Anglican (private)

Bedford, NS

10:00 am


June 12th, 2023

An Afternoon of Music

Karlene Marie - vocals/piano 

The Berkeley (private)

Halifax, NS

2:00 pm


July 16, 2023

Jazz Crush! The Karlene Marie Trio

Karlene Marie, vocals/band leader

w Geordie Haley, guitar and Kyle Tully, bass

TD Halifax Jazz Festival

Hydrostone Park 

5547 Young Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

12:00 pm 

August 11, 2023

I AM HIP-HOP - 50 years celebration

Producers: Boma, Israel Ekanem

Guest artists: Karlene Marie, vocals

Aquakultre, Kye Clayton, Benji of LDN with:

Silvio Pupo, keyboards, Shuvanjan Karmaker, bass

Job Brumiere, drums and Paul St. Amand, trumpet

Halifax Public Libraries - Central

5440 Spring Garden Road

Halifax, NS

7:00 pm


Jazz Crush! The Karlene Marie Trio

Vocalist, producer, educator, Karlene Marie sings where her heart leads her and that curiousity to explore many types of music was in part stimulated by her Trinidadian parents by way of a very diverse, album compliation.


She performed early on and already shared her love of different styles of music in the Grade 10 variety show when she sang, "When I Think of You", by Janet Jackson followed by"Should I Stay, or Should I Go", by The Clash to surprised, yet enthusiastic listeners in the student assembly.


Ella Sings Cole Porter was a gift on her 13th birthday from Dad and she wore it out listening and singing to the tracks, among others of his jazz records.


Always following a passion for music that moves her, she has pursued training in opera, while maintaining her deep connection to the songs that came out of the people of the African diaspora.


Her recent production, Saraka! a jazzy musical meal that debuted successfully at The Carleton on February 26, 2023, serves up jazz and jazz adjacent songs from eras past and present made legendary by African-American composers and interpreters including Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, k-os, Dinah Washington and many more. She looks forward to presenting this show again in other venues around the province.


Karlene Marie is excited to share with enthusiasts in the Hydrostone Park Series on Sunday, July 16th, starting at noon, her jazz crush supported by fabulous musicians.


Joining her will be Kyle Tully on bass, who can be heard weekly at Obladee Wine Bar in Halifax. Completing the trio is esteemed improvisor, composer, educator, well-loved performer – collaborator, guitarist, Geordie Haley.


She thanks the TD Halifax Jazz Festival organizers for the opportunity.


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Video Highlights: Saraka! a jazzy musical meal Live @The Carleton, February 26, 2023

Karlene Marie puts her own spin on two songs that were big hits when they were sung by the great artists Dinah Washington and George Benson. 


In the first tune, Kyle Tully, bass gives an inspired feature and later in the second, somewhere things take a turn....Karlene and the band rock out! :)



Karlene Marie, vocals/producer

Silvio Pupo, keyboards

Jeff Torbert, guitar

Kyle Tully,  bass

Andrew Miller, drums

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