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Experience and Teaching Philosophy

I began teaching professionally in Toronto, Ontario not long after graduating from university and have 15 years experience as an instructor of instruments, voice and choir to children, youth and adults. 

I also taught children and adults, the majority who were from the Caribbean community, as a volunteer through a church organization in Toronto for over a decade.

Alongside, my private teaching studio,  I was a Music Itinerant Specialist with the Toronto District School Board for three years where I taught classroom music to children using Orff pedagogy methods. 


Over the years, I have prepared students successfully for Royal Conservatory of Music exams and the Kiwanis Festival for solo and group competitive classes. 

My teaching philosophy is based on guiding students in music study to create order in their mind and body and well as connect to their innate musicality. Through this process I aim to expose the unique quality of their sound, in the case of the voice that is all their own from the beginning of life.

Students accepted in my studio will have a deep commitment to going on this journey of self-discovery through the tool of music. They will demand of themselves to come prepared for lessons and will be excited to be studying.


I do instruct in classical and/or contemporary genres and encourage in my students a love of learning music using a patient, yet structured approach.

I currently teach in my studio (online only) and also at Long and McQuade in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



'I am delighted to provide a heartfelt recommendation for Karlene M. Francis who taught my sons Henry (11 years old) and Luke (6 years old) for a year and a half, from September 2022 to December 2023 until due to a family health situation she had to change her teaching schedule. Her dedication and expertise have made an immense difference in the life of my son, Henry. Karlene's exceptional teaching abilities have not only helped Henry navigate his musical journey but have also supported him in achieving success in the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exam.


From the moment Henry began his lessons with Karlene, her genuine care and understanding of his unique needs as an autistic student were evident. She approached each session with patience, kindness, and a tailored teaching style that resonated with Henry's learning preferences. Karlene's ability to adapt her teaching methods to accommodate Henry's individual challenges and strengths truly set her apart.


Under Karlene's guidance, Henry not only developed his musical skills but also gained confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Her unwavering support and encouragement empowered Henry to push past obstacles and excel in his RCM exam. Karlene's commitment to Henry's success went above and beyond, as she invested time and effort into ensuring he felt prepared and confident on exam day.


Karlene's passion for music and dedication to her students, including those with special needs like Henry, are truly commendable. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact she has had on Henry's musical journey and overall development.

I wholeheartedly recommend Karlene to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled music educator who goes the extra mile to inspire and uplift her students."


Hongxia Liu

Hongxia Liu - Mother of Henry Liu who achieved 93% First Class Honours, with Distinction on his first RCM exam (Prep A) in January, 2024.

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