"With everything that has breath..."

September, 2021

"Just a Closer Walk with Thee"

African - American Spiritual

arr. Karlene M. Francis

This gospel song is an all-around favorite, especially with many of the people I support in palliative care. I'm playing on my old, faithful keyboard who has definitely seen better days...Lol.

It was a great find after college, at the Long & McQuade in Toronto's yearly inventory blowout sale and when I finally finished the payments after many months, it felt soooo good.

The model is discontinued and although some of the keys may clack, the pedal may squeak now and then, she's still makes music and for that, I'm very grateful.

It's was good to see my colleagues performing live around the HRM and other parts of the province this summer. It felt like a corner had been turned towards what we knew in the recent past; such as the having freedom to maintain our livelihoods, congregate and enjoy social interaction in public spaces, not just with our families, but with our friends and neighbours.

While I felt the gap of not performing in the community this past year, it was still my role to provide music therapy support to patients and families at a hospice. This was, as always, so incredibly meaningful and a privilege. People opened up and shared their journeys with a little encouragement and of course, the musical soundtrack of their lives.


We met together in moments of sound and silence and in that raw, honest space there was no separation as souls met hearts. In the last days and weeks of life as each person had known it, I witnessed directly over and again, the beauty of our complex creation, precious vulnerability and the perfect essence that makes up our shared humanness.

"And if there come the singers and the dancers and the flute players, buy of their gifts also.

For they too are gatherers of fruit and frankincense, and that which they bring, though fashioned of dreams, is raiment and food for your soul." -The Prophet Khalil Gibran

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Live - Karlene Marie w Darryl Nichol & Paul Baker

Live @ Coburg Social Oct 14, 2018 (clip)

Karlene Marie - vocals

Darryl Nichol - keyboards

Paul Baker - guitar

Live Stayner's Nov 14 2019_ Karlene Marie Sept 5 editArtist Name
00:00 / 02:49

Live @ Stayner's Wharf November 14, 2019, Double Mocha welcomed Ken Pasher, guitar.


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"G. Puccini aria"
Recorded August 24, 2021



You Belong to Me - Karlene Marie, vocals & keyboards
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Live @ The Berkeley February 28, 2019

Karlene Marie, vocals & keyboards

"Fly Away" written and arranged by::

Karlene M. Francis

On vocals and acoustic guitar :

Karlene Marie. & Dave Scholten

Recorded and engineered by: D. Scholten at Spaces Between Sound Studio (2015)

Released  Oct, 2017

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